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I'm Lance. I started RemotelyConnected because I want to help great people like you find great remote job openings!

It  took me two years to find my first remote opportunity. I had some really important reasons why remote work was so valuable to me. I wanted to invest more in my family, I wanted to raise my kids in the location of my own choice. 

I know you have some compelling reasons too. I’ve talked to many of you, each with a unique story. Maybe you have an illness in the family. Maybe you want to escape the cost of living in the Silicon Valley. Maybe you’re a parent wanting more left over at the end of the day to share with your family. There are hundreds of reasons why finding a remote job is a top priority for you. 

Life can be relentless. Knowing that you’re part of a team that gets that and trusts you can make all the difference.

I want to connect you with companies who care about remote work and are doing it the best.

I hope, with the community we build here, and the resources shared, you’ll be able to realize the dream of remote work much faster than I did!

More to Come Soon!

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