My New Office Chair

I recently traded in my old office chair for something, well, a little different.

I didn’t ditch it for a new stand-up desk, even though too much sitting can be a serious health risk.

I didn’t ditch it for something more ergonomic, like a kneeling stool, even though I’ve been considering that for quite some time.

I didn’t ditch it for an executive leather throne to make me feel really important and powerful.

I didn’t ditch it for anything that is even actually new, it’s an old chair that I snagged as a piece of swag from a 3rd place finish at a local mountain bike race 5 years ago (don’t be impressed, there were only 6 in the race).

Why that one?

Because I can fold it up and take it with me.

I traded my office chair for a camping chair and embarked on a full-time remote adventure.

I’ve been blessed to find a way to support my family while working remotely. I’m taking this opportunity to pursue an experience that builds deeper connections with both my family and my professional network.

One of the greatest criticisms of remote work is that it’s a blocker to building connections.

I strongly disagree.

In my experience, working remotely has allowed for a deeper connection than ever before in both the workplace and within my own family.

Right now I’m actually sitting in my new (old) chair on a beach near Jacksonville, FL. My children are chasing the waves and seabirds near the surf and the baby is crawling around in the sand with a toy car making engine sounds. After a bit, I’m going to put away this machine and join them. We’re building deeper connections here.

All 5 of us and our puppy recently put our house on the market and have been transitioning to full-time living in a 41.5-foot 5th wheel camper.

We haven’t made definite plans about how long we will live this way, or where exactly we will spend our time. But for now, My new chair, and my new office will be set up wherever we park it.

Because I believe so strongly in the viability of a remote work environment, I’ll be spending the coming year seeking out leaders in the remote working industry, from CEO’s of distributed companies to legislators, economists and more.

I want to learn more about how working remotely can build stronger companies, strengthen economies, bolster families and communities, and make positive social and environmental impacts. And I want to share what I uncover with you.

I’m also looking forward to all the tips, tricks, and hacks I’ll learn to make remote working from campsites all over North America a reality. I’ll be glad to share that with you as well.

I would love to invite you to join me, learn with me, grow with me and connect.

You can follow our journey on Instagram, or by subscribing to the RemotelyConnected newsletter. See you there!


We’ve been on the road for about 6 weeks now. We’ve enjoyed Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and are now settled in on a family farm in Idaho. We’ll likely be using this as a home base for much of the summer. The house is now under contract, and soon we’ll be homeless!

I’m also super excited to be launching my new consultancy,, onward and upward!