You’re running lean. Cash and time are incredibly valuable. Which one are you going to give up to make this happen?

How RemotelyConnected Saves You Both:

End to End Remote Consulting & Strategy

Complete TA System Implementation
  • Complete TA Process Development
  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • ATS Implementation
  • Job Board Management
  • Passive Sourcing

Sourcing & Recruitment Support

Flat Fee Recruiting. No Comissions, Ever!
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing
  • Improved Candidate Experience
  • Faster Time to Fill
  • Flat Fee, No Commission
  • Emotional Intelligence Screening

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Consulting

You choose your timeline.
RemotelyConnected helps you get there.

If you’re the DIY kind of leader, you’ll agonize over interview canvases and job description templates. You’ll spend way too long learning what an ATS is, trying to decide if you need one, then trying to decide which one will work the best for you. Not to mention employer branding, candidate score-cards, talent-pooling, passive candidate sourcing and crafting a stellar candidate experience. The cost is high. Strategic initiatives, business development, relationships and your ability to operate at peak performance are at risk.

If you’re the delegate and empower type, you can opt to hire a contributor who will own all of this. It’s a senior-level task for sure. You’ll need to find and hire someone who gets the nuances of remote team building. A top-performer is likely going to command a top salary, plus the time it takes to get them up to speed. Unfortunately, most contributors filling this role aren’t bringing a robust passive candidate sourcing practice to the table. You’ll likely have to pony up extra for that.

End to end service or as needed consulting, it’s up to you.

RemotelyConnected partners with you to implement a remote-specific TA system.

Sourcing & Recruitment Support

Flat fee recruiting services.
Never pay commissions again.

Recruiting agencies abound and are eager to sell you their candidates. Only 15% of software developers are actively applying to open job orders, but nearly 75% of them are open to hearing about new opportunities. Recruiters use the tools that help them find the 60% that won’t apply to your job posting. And when they find a good match, that would be interested in your job, they’ll gladly sell you access to their candidate for a premium anywhere from 15-25% or more. The average in the tech recruiting world is 22%.

You still need to build out your own hiring process. A recruiting firm won’t help you know best practices for interviewing, won’t help proof-read your offer letters, or give you guidance on how to write winning job descriptions, and they certainly won’t tell you where to find the best remote talent. If you hire 10 contributors per year with the aid of a contingency recruitment firm your costs could be somewhere in the $160-200K+ range. Additionally, most recruiters aren’t versed in what makes a great remote team contributor.

Partner with a fractional remote recruitment expert.

Commissionless on-demand recruitment, putting the incentives back where they belong.

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